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How To Go About The Website


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How To Go About The Website Empty How To Go About The Website

Post by TactiQ on Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:19 pm

Are you new to our forums and you're wondering how to go about it?

Well, this website was basically designed to be user-friendly regardless of the browser been used. So it shouldn't be difficult for any new member to get along the site well. First question that most of you have been asking me lately; How do i use the site?

Like i stipulated earlier, this site is a user-friendly platform. Everything concerning the forums is already simplified in such a way that all forums are arranged in pertainment to their specific category. For example, everything concerning text, audio or video battles, Call-outs and crews are all under "The Battle Scene" section. 

So if you want to make a battle call-out, or accept one, just roam through the call-outs forum which is found in The Battle Scene section. After you've accepted a battle and you are in need of a battle thread, tag any of the websites Admins or Battle Mods(@Showiz & @TactiQ) or any other available admin.

If you are still having problems getting along the site in any way, feel free to hit my Inbox here or comment below

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