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Basic Multis Tutorial


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Basic Multis Tutorial

Post by TactiQ on Sat Apr 30, 2016 12:07 pm

√√√√**Quantum Shunners HandBook**√√√√

Part 1 - Basic Multis Training!

Ill try to explain this as most smoothly as i can, lets move together as i explain. If you have any questions as you read through, feel free to ask. I am your father for god's sake!


%%%+Definition & Understanding of Multis!+%%%

What are multis? Where did they come from? The word multis is short for "Multi-Syllables". So in this case, we'll split the two & define them seperately to gain a better understanding. Multi means - basically two or more!(In our case, words) A syllable is how many specific sounds/vowels are pronounced in a word(sometimes a phrase).

For example, the word FIGHTING has two syllables because we have two different specific sounds that make up "Fight-ing"(Vowel sounds - 'Ah' & 'E').

You could go on counting the syllables in a lot of other words.

Two-syllable words: Dressing, Handle, Candle, Stressing etc…

Three syllable words: Pakaging, Fantacy, Gratitude, Latitude etc…

The syllables keep increasing in different words. We can also use phrases when counting syllables(This is what we forcus on in multis)…

two-syllable phrases: Thank you, Task Force, Ask For, LandLord etc…

Three-syllable phrases: Hollywood shows, Prolly should know, Bollywood pro's, Market place, QSR etc…


Now we know what syllables are all about. Now lets mix the definitions of Multi & Syllables to form multis.


Multis is when you rhyme two or more syllables in each line of a bar! Ill need you to understand that definition well before proceeding.


Here's what i mean by rhyming more than two syll's in each line of a bar.

Example: Am a god with punchlines, i'm always wit the BETTER HAND, but your bars are like peter pan, they are known to NEVER LAND! Ive capped the 3-syll multis just to indicate my emphasis on them. See how each line of that bar is rhyming more than one syllable? Lets break them again.




^ "Bett" has got the same inner sound as "Nev", same applies to the "Er" sound in between. Then back to "Land" &" Hand". See how the pattern in the first line is also used in the second line? That's how a perfect multi rhyme should be created.


Firstly, pick the number of syllables you are going to use.(in my case i used 3)

Secondly, pick a word or phrase that has the exact number of syllables as you have chosen(in my scenario, i chose BETTER HAND)

Thirdly, Find words for the second line that will have the exact number of syllables & that also rhyme perfectly with the first word or phrase that you chose.
Then thats it!


This is a full multis tutorial, if you feel you haven't understood that well, just read through over & over again untill you get it. After that, try coming up with your own multi scheme & post it in the comments section for feedback!


*Prepared by the QSR AllFather & ArkGeneral for the fam*




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