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Luna C Quake Diss


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Luna C Quake Diss  Empty Luna C Quake Diss

Post by TactiQ on Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:52 pm


who said these Quake nerds are fit? naah! And Lum' was in my inbox posing Rape threats n' shit! Ya'll Gay tbh...Fake vets indeed!
Luna accusing me of reporting her acc? Aint no penny for yah thoughts for not Knowing The Truth!....bitch...
So you can quit rap for all i care, but it won't be some "ISIS Attacks" when "the only day job you won't stop" is "Blowing The Ques!"

Blowing tha Q's lmao

I wonder why porter "let this cat outa the bag" the "US & china covert attack war"...
But raven's a bitch tbh...
Skizzo "showed you the books", but you brought em out here n' got "Schooled with it!"
Now this time? ill let em quakes witness "luna disappearing" without referencing a "Moon Eclipse!"

Now whats yah strategy Rav'? on your period or something?

Peep'd Your battle with Rohaan, you lost with zero votes to five! That aint just Normal Hun'.
cuz he literally "piped you down" like some Oil Lines.
he left you right "on pins & needles" like a "scene in saw 2!"
But me n' my clique? we'll definatelly "pull your plugs off" like i'm "switching off loops!"

5-0? Lmao

Wana talk about your stats? let me tell your home-mates why i call you a "bitch", The girl with half wits.
You rolled with Mogale, rolled with pauly, rolled with Vampy...the bitch literally "ties the knot with everyone" like "Sailing ah ship!"

*Straight with no lies*

whats funny's she claims she Got a dick...
but i aint suprised though, cuz they say "you are, What you eat"...
Games over!!!
quit with the crap mood n'...if its true that "you are what you eat" then she propably "owns more D's" than a "Dump student!"

*Easy bodybag*

If you can't get a concept, simply research or ask me...(Thats for the judges)


Beef? you seriously don't want that kind of problem with me tbh

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