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SPRC is a music forum dedicated to the betterness of the Hiphop industry. It offers a wide range of battle rap categories which includes Text battles, Audio/Video battles as well as song Battles. Welcome to the real rap industry


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The New SPRC Updated Battle Regulations

> New Members: All new members won't be allowed to participate in group events such as all types of battles, tournaments, championships, etc until they prove they are worth our attention by doing either of the following; Voting on battle threads, passing/giving out feedback on other members work(freestyles, audio's, etc.), Posting battle hints, some of your own verses, tutorials as well as maintaining a good reputation. . These are the requirements for new folks to battle in the group for the first time. Prove you're dope, let your actions loose, not your mouth.

Voting System: We do not want to entertain or condone amateurs who do not improve, so one of the ways to help ourselves out is through the way we vote on battles. The only votes that will be acceptable are either criteria breakdowns, bar-for-bar breakdowns or a deep explanation of about atleast 5-6 lines of relevant explanations. Criteria breakdowns should be listed in this type of arrangement:




Metaphors & Creativity

Flow & Originality

. All sub-categories are under their own particular main criteria. This is to avoid unnecessary debates. After any type of vote is casted, voters should specify how & where both battlers went wrong and give advice on where to improve. Kindly note that any votes that won't be thoroughly explained will NOT BE CONSIDERED

Battle Leagues: For one to be added to any of the battle leagues, you need to prove you're worth the mention. Follow the specified rules about new members & earn a rep before battling.

Points Battles

Due to the increase in demand for points battles, every person regardless of who/what they are wanting a points battle should first cast a vote on any battle thread then copy the url of that particular battle thread to show the link of his/her vote and paste it on the c/o post to show any available admin that he/she has voted accordingly.

If you're not pretty sure about anything else, PM me(TactiQ) or any administrator.

Prepared by the United Groups Co-operation


1.) 5 bars is the MINIMUM number of bars allowed in a battle to count on record. Can be more, but no less. Bars are allowed to stretch WITHIN REASON.

2.) 24 hour time lengths are given to each battle UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED IN THE RULES AND AGREED BY BOTH BATTLERS.

3.) No battlers are allowed to complain/cry about votes in open battles. If you have a problem with a certain vote, DO NOT POST ABOUT IT IN OPEN THREAD. Please contact an administrator and we will look at it and make a judgment.

4.) SWAYING is classified as the intentional persuasion of viewers / judges to make a certain call. If you start dissecting your opponents verse or talking about how “wack” it was, this will be ground for DQ. Respect the battlers and each other and lets keep it clean and fair.

5.) Late entries / extensions will only be granted by admins. If you are late to a battle or need some ore time, we ask that you ask us at LEAST 3 hours in advance so that we know you have good reason. We DO NOT have to give you an extension; it will be up to that admin if they choose to or not.

6.) No Double Accounts. If we find out that you have made a double account and have been voting for yourself / battling yourself, it will be an automatic permanent ban from our groups.

7.) Absolutely NO BITING / FLIPPING / FEEDING / SWAYING / BITCHING / COMPLAINING. IN OPEN BATTLES These are immediate grounds for DQ upon Admin decision.

8.) Please do NOT post your tracks, links to your stuff, videos, or any of that other annoying stuff. We are a rap battle group and if you are not making callouts or setting up battles, we really DO NOT want to hear it. You will be removed and banned from the group.

9.) Please refrain from posting pictures / disses of peoples children / family members. This is a battle between you and your opponent. Do not bring their families into it or this will be ground for DQ.

10.) NO PORNOGRAPHY / OVERLY CRUDE CONTENT. We know that Horrorcore bars are an exception to this, but overly crude content/images in normal chat or battles will have you kicked out of the group. Please be mindful of the stuff you post.

11.) NO DICKRYDING / HATE OR IMPROPER VOTING. Please provide the battlers with proper critique and feedback as well as your full broken down categorical or bar for bar vote. "you suck" is not proper feedback and will be punished accordingly.

We hope that you enjoy your time here and continue to battle with us in the future. Good luck guys (y)


5.) Late entries / extensions will only be granted by admins. If you are late to a battle or need some ore time, we ask that you ask us at LEAST 3 hours in advance so that we know you have good reason. We DO NOT have to give you an extension; it will be up to that admin if they choose to or not.

Current date/time is Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:33 am